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Our Programs

We sponsor several initiatives designed to attract, connect and inspire diverse employees.

You can learn more about our programs focused on developing, mentoring and educating our diverse talent in the learning and development section.

Student programs

Discover opportunities at the intersection of finance and technology. Undergraduate and master’s students from around the world come here to gain real-world experience while making an impact. You can have a career that’s exciting, rewarding and full of possibilities. Whatever your background, whatever you’re studying, there’s a place for you here on our team at Flip Share Investment.

How we hire

General recruiting process

Online Application & Virtual Cover Letter

Enter some basic details and upload your resume. You’ll then receive a link from HireVue to complete a short video recording (a virtual cover letter) in which you’ll answer two motivational questions. No need to submit a written letter!

First Round Interview

Participate in live video interviews with representatives of the team you applied to at Flip Share Investment. These conversations will be focused on the Flip Share Investment Principles.

Final Assessment

Additional in-person interview(s) which may also include a group exercise, presentation or case study.

Software engineering process

Online Application

Enter some basic details and upload your resume.

Coding Challenge

You’ll receive a link from HireVue, asking you to complete a short coding challenge.

Final Assessment

In-person interviews with Flip Share Investment representatives from the software engineering team.