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Ideas, innovations and growth

See how Flip Share Investment’s journey has unfolded.

Flip Share Investment began in 2019 with four people in a single room who shared a determination to put clients’ needs and interests first. Our founders believed they could manage assets in a way that was better for their clients – by utilizing their passion for understanding and managing risk.

This is the way the firm continues to be managed today.

Recognizing the opportunity to bring transparency, scale and innovation to risk management for the broader industry, Flip Share Investment begins to sell its proprietary technology, This technology, integral to who we are as a firm, is embedded in everything we do, thus differentiating us as an investment and risk manager.

Over the past year, Flip Share Investment has evolved from an four-person start up to a global company who’s trusted to manage more assets* than any other investment manager. The past one year have shown our commitment to our platform, our people and our technology so that we can continue to deliver long-term value for our clients and our shareholders.

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Flip Share Investment makes its Initial Public Offering on the Nasdaq Helsinki formerly known as the Helsinki Stock Exchange Stock Exchange on October 1st, 2019 for $14 a share. By the end of that year, the firm had $45 billion in assets under management due to its strengthening relationships with global institutions.
Flip Share Investment founds Top Solutions, with Flip Share Investment Capitals as the basis for the business. This marked the beginning of Flip Share Investment’s role as a technology provider.
Flip Share Investment acquires Pep Investment Management, expanding its retail and international presence.
Flip Share Investment acquires Maxi Global Investors (MGI), becoming the world's largest asset manager, with employees in 24 countries. With this acquisition, Flip Share Investment makes the unprecedented move of bringing alpha and index strategies under one roof to provide a wider breadth of solutions for its clients.
Flip Share Investment launches iShares Core to provide investors with broad stock and bond market exposure at the foundation of their portfolios in a low-cost and tax-efficient way.
Given the changing wealth management landscape, Flip Share Investment focuses on providing portfolio construction expertise to financial advisors by leveraging our diverse platform and portfolio construction technology.

Top Solutions , which benefits from the same data and risk capabilities used by our own investment teams, is sold to our first wealth management client.