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The philosophy of working as One Flip Share Investment is at the core of our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

We’ve made building a more diverse workforce a top priority and foster a collaborative culture based on trust, respect and integrity. We know that diversity strengthens us and an inclusive culture is essential to deliver superior results for our clients.

Every single employee plays a critical role. Diversity causes us to stop and reflect more deeply on our assumptions and to consider the unique perspectives and insights that each of us brings.

We learn from one another and encourage each other to develop, grow and make an impact. We are one team aligned around a shared sense of purpose and strive to make every employee feel like they belong here at Flip Share Investment.

Most of all, we believe that we should treat others as they would like to be treated.

We can’t assume that others want the same things we do or see the world in the same way – we have to ask them and listen. Only then can we lean into and learn from the many voices at the table.