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Managing Board Members

The Managing Board jointly manages the company’s business, and consists of the following members with different expertise and areas of activity:

Kerry Gilbard

Chief Executive Officer. (CEO)

Mr Kerry Gilbard Was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer in Flip Share Investment For more than a year now he has been in charge of the company which today has approximately 500 employees world-wide. As Chief Executive Officer of Flip Share Investment, he has since expanded the company internationally with our own people onsite in Finland, US, UK, Italy and Germany, the Nordic countries. In 2020 Mr. Kerry floated Flip Share Investment on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, attracting the attention of major international shareholders. Today, Flip Share Investment portfolio includes more than 220 institutional investors worth around EUR 21 billion under management.

Margaret Margaret

Chief Financial Officer. (CFO)

Margaret Margaret joined Flip Share Investment as chief financial officer after evaluation and analysis, She was chosen for the job by the founders. She is a business management graduate, She has extensive experience of acting as a CFO in the property industry, having previously held this position in different firms. She also has a strong track record of working in international finance and capital markets. She was responsible for the finance and capital market activities of the listed European property companies belonging to Fortress Investment Group in London, and also worked in the field of corporate finance and equity capital markets at Gateclear Finland.

Andrew Padee

Senior Managing Director

Andrew Padee is the Senior Managing Director and Head of Fund Management. Previously Mr Andrew was at the helm of affairs of Rockspring’s Management (and a Partner), responsible for both the strategic focus and day-to-day management of the business and chairman of the Investment Committees. Prior to joining Rockspring in 2009 he had a 22 year career as an investment banker specialising in real estate and was EMEA Head of Real Estate Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers. He also worked in Tokyo from 1988 to 1990. Mr. Garry graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Classics. He has been on the Management Board of EPRA twice and was an active member of the UK industry lobbying committees for the introduction of REITs.

Our Experts.

Supervisory Board Members

As a controlling body, the Supervisory Board keeps an eye on all business transactions. It consists of the following members

Dr Marc steph


Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman since 2020, Lawyer and tax consultant, Luxembourg Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CDH , Luxembourg

Cress Joel

Deputy Chairman

Member of the supervisory board and deputy chairman.

Winnie Hans

Member Supervisory Board